Non Profit Focus

The nation's non-profit organizations and the professionals who lead them are faced with a host of challenges as they struggle to provide services and programs, maintain operations and staffing, and support the populations they serve.

Difficulties in staff recruitment and retention, a decline in financial resources, and an increase in disadvantaged populations have all compounded the already monumental task of non-profit leadership.

The professionals who lead America's small and mid-size non-profit agencies are dedicated, caring professionals but often with more training in the social and services foci of their organizations than in the management and oversight of a multifunctional, and often complex service-delivery organization.

It is most common for NPO professionals to have have risen through leadership ranks through hard work and strength of spirit. The harsh realities of today's organizational environment, however, has left many of these professionals unprepared to grapple with the demands of their positions.

Most of these leaders will greatly benefit from the kind of managerial training found in the nation's top-tier MBA programs but few can afford the time or money for such valuable training.

MBA in a DAY® training is designed to strengthen the nonprofit sector through leading-edge executive and senior management training - the kind of training found in graduate business programs.

MBA in a DAY® provides training and education that is part of the landscape in the for-profit sector, but tailored to the non-profit community...skills critical in today's resource-challenged and competitive non-profit operating environment.


Executives and staff of non profit organizations who want to complement their professional training with concepts and principles found in today's graduate schools of business and management or executive education programs.

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Physicians, both primary care and specialists, individual practitioners, group practitioners and physicians practicing in institutional settings.

The Center for Professional Development

Established to advance the development of professionals who are challenged by changes occurring both within and outside of their organizational boundaries. Through continuing, and life-long education such professionals will be better prepared to perform in an ever-changing environment.

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