MBA IN A DAY v2.0: What You Would Learn At Top-Tier Business Schools
(If You Only Had The Time!)

What I like more than playing hockey with Steve: reading his book! The essentials of starting, growing and leading your business, professional practice or it now and refer to it later.

Guy Kawasaki, bestselling author, Art of the Start, rockstar speaker about startups and innovation.

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A business plan is a key ingredient for success whether you're starting, growing or just operating a business...after years of reviewing business plans and advising owners, investors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders about what's important to make a business plan work as a tool to raise capital or attain sustainable competitive advantage here are my Top 10 Tips for a creating a winning, fundable business plan.
Listen to how Prof. Stralser, while teaching in a top ranked MBA program, noticed an increase in "non traditional" students taking his class...these were highly educated professionals such as physicians, engineers, lawyers, etc. but, their deep professional training did not prepare them for the business, management and leadership challenges they encountered while applying their professional training.